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roller pasta attachment-1Do you love making your own pasta? If your answer to this question is yes, there is a special treat for you. Kitchenaid pasta roller attachment will make your pasta making, a day that you will love.





  • Kitchenaid pasta roller attachment is made of stainless steel. This is an important detail as you don’t want to deal with smudges or worse, rust on your food preparation equipment.
  • It comes with the necessary roller and cutters – a pasta roller, fettuccine cutter, and linguine fine cutter. Because all these are also stainless, you can enjoy a variety of pasta without the worries that some rust have been rolled together with the flour.
  • With the different kinds of cutter, you can create dishes that are not only unique, but also enjoyable to make. This complete set gives you a stress-free pasta making as you don’t have to go from store to store to look for that specific cutter you need.
  • It fits all KitchenAid stand mixers. This is great as you can make use of this while using other mixers. In case you want to use other beaters, it will not be a problem mounting these three attachments on them.
  • A wooden cleaning brush and toothpicks are included. After every use, cleaning the different parts will only be a breeze. With the wooden brush, you can now remove those sticky dough with ease and the toothpicks can help take away those that stick to the hard-to-reach corners of your cutter and roller.
  • The attachments are approximately 9 x 3 inches. They are just of the right sizes. They don’t use up too much space when you store them and they are not of that easy- to- lose size. You can keep them in the drawer just right under your stand mixer.
  • It has 1-year guarantee. This goes to show that it doesn’t easily get broken. No maker would want to waste money by repairing already sold products. The quality of the kitchenaid pasta roller is really that good.

The weight of the kitchenaid pasta roller attachment is only 15 pounds. It light enough for you to move it around and heavy enough to prevent it from moving or slipping when you are using it. For its dimensions, it is conveniently 16 inches tall without the feet and each bar is 7.75 inches long.

This pasta roller attachment is not sold alone. As mentioned, it comes with two kinds of pasta cutters. These will make your life easier when making pasta for lasagna and you will not have difficulty producing your very own pasta for that delicious bolognaise.



The kitchenaid pasta roller is a great addition to the kitchen. It will make cooking pasta fun. The roller attachment can easily make pasta of different sizes and thickness. You just have to prepare the pasta dough and form small rectangles with them and feed them into the attachments. You will then have uniform fettuccini noodles or lasagna noodles.

Have you experienced making pasta which had some parts dry and some parts still wet? Well, you will not experience that again with the kitchenaid pasta roller attachment. Included with it is a free pasta drying rack which comes in handy to have the pasta dry fast and evenly. You just have to turn the top knob to spread the bars into a special accessory wand in the column. These are the bars where you hang the pasta for them to dry evenly.

It is stand mixer – friendly. You can mount it on any KitchenAid mixer.

It is easy to clean with the provided cleaning brush and picks. Cleaning will waste no time.

This kitchenaid pasta roller attachment is easy to keep when not in use. The telescopic feet folds flat so they don’t get in the way, thus making storing convenient.

You won’t get lost trying to figure out how to use the attachment as it comes in with complete directions for easy assembly. Cooking tips and recipes are even provided for you to start making your own sumptuous pasta immediately.



Since kitchenaid pasta roller is used with dough, there is a tendency for the dough to stick to the cutter and the roller. Because it is a common situation with pasta rollers and cutters, this won’t remain a problem because you can use the wooden brush and toothpicks which are added to the package.



The kitchenaid pasta roller attachment is great equipment that a lot of customers were satisfied with the product.

    • Over a hundred commented that they just love making pasta with it.


  • About 108 happy users mentioned kitchenaid pasta roller gets the dough much thinner than they could by hand rolling it.



  • Another group of over 110 said it has good quality, it is simple to use and easy to clean.


Even with the advantages of having this wonderful piece of equipment, there are still those who were not completely pleased with it. A woman mentioned that it took her some time to clean it and she sacrificed a few batches of dough before she could get it cleaned.

Another user mentioned that the kitchenaid pasta roller attachment is good for flat pasta only, so if you are thinking of having the round ones, you might be disappointed.

It is great for flat pasta (even those very thin ones). So you can make tasty pasta quite easily since the kitchenaid pasta roller has the widest setting on the roller which is great for kneading or rolling even flaky dough to become evenly mixed.

After you taste what you have made with this equipment, box pasta will never taste the same again.



Kitchenaid pasta roller attachment can be attained for a reasonable price of $199.99.