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SoyaJoy G3 and SoyaPower Plus comparisons


My friend drew my attention that SoyaJoy released a new model SoyaJoy G3 and asked if he should go for SoyaJoy G3 or SoyaPower Plus. So I spent some time making a comparison table and see which one I would go for it. Actually, it is very hard to decide! These two machines are very similar, but I would probably stick with my original choice: SoyaPower Plus. My wife and I are not big fans of raw milks, and we plan to have kids in the future, so SoyaPower Plus seems to be safer and it is the one we are using right now. I do not see any big benefits that convince me to purchase another soymilk machine.

Here is the SoyaJoy G3 and SoyaPower Plus comparison table. I hope it helps!

[table id=1 /]


If you want to read my review on SoyaPower Plus, you can check it out here: http://timesavingreview.com/soyapower-plus-soy-milk-maker-review/