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We LOVE Kinder Bueno Chocolate!!

kinder bueno


Kinder Bueno is a German chocolate brand, which stands for “Children Tasty” in English. If you like chocolate, this is something you must try! The think we love about this chocolate is its delicious hazlelnut cream filled treat surrounded in rich decadent milk chocolate. We first learned this brand in an online forum where a lot of people highly recoomended it. However, we visited Target, Albertsons, and other grocery stores, and we never found it. We finally found it in a local Korean store, which was totally to our surprise. We never thought we could find a German chocolate bar in a Korean store.

kinder bueno 2


If you know Ferrero, then Kinder Bueno is a sub-brand of Ferrero. Kinder Bueno is very famous in Europe, but we do not find any main grocery store carrying them. After we finished our first Kinder Bueno bar, we started to search online and decided to purchase a box. Yes, A BOX! You can say we were crazy, but we really missed its taste. My wife and I particularly love chocolate bars with any nuts inside, and Kinder Bueno really fulfills our taste desire! It is really additive. Milk chocolate covered wafer with smooth milky and hazelnut filling, what can you expect more? Kinder Bueno becames our top chocolate choice and I strongly belive that Kinder Bueno will not let you down.


The only downside is that the one you can get on Amazon requires shipping fee. Howver, it is still way cheaper than the one we can get in the local Korean store, which was 3 bars for 8 dollars! That was totally a rip-off!

This Kinder Bueno box is 30 pc for less than 35 bucks, which was one third of the price we could get at the local store. On top of it, the shipping is fast and chocolate bars come in a good condition. Give Kinder Bueno a try and you will never regret it!