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Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker review


It is no joke to write articles, churning out letters and phrases on demand and oftentimes with strict deadlines. Lots of coffee and an assortment of bread have been my comfort food and keeps me company until the wee hours of the morning when the world around me settles down and I, at last find peace and quiet without being interrupted by the ringing of the phone or by grandchildren who think it is their right to visit Nanna at any hour.

I have always been a gifted cook but without someone to cook for anymore, I have relied mainly on take outs and bread to keep me sustained. When I read about the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme® Breadmaker BB-CEC20 I promised myself I’d get one. It will be a pleasant break to get dirty and forget the computer for brief spells, not to mention the delight to cook and eat with my growing grandchildren.

We are particularly fond of fresh loaves of bread lavishly spread with store-bought mango jam or guava jam. Zojirushi Home Bakery Breadmaker BB-CEC20 has room for baking a large 2 lb. loaf. It is also capable of cooking other types of bread and has menu courses for cake, sourdough starter, dough and even meatloaf. The Sour Dough Starter feature produces a light sourdough starter after 2 hours.

What to look for when Buying a Breadmaker

I am particularly pleased with this Zojirushi Breadmaker because of the following features

  • Capacity for baking a 2 lb loaf of bread
  • Quick bread preparation
  • Length of its delay timer
  • Three memory settings
  • Safety feature like the auto shut-off system
  • Instructions that are easy to follow
  • Manual, video and recipe booklet
  • Wide range of menu settings
  • Compact and will fit into most countertops

These features make the Zojirushi Breadmaker BB-CEC20 a most versatile appliance and in my opinion the best in its class of kitchen equipment.


This small appliance which can be placed on most countertops is so versatile that it can be made to cook not only the 2 lb. traditional rectangular bread but dinner rolls, garlic bread sticks, cinnamon-raisin bread and even savory dishes like homemade meatloaves, strawberry jam for dessert or a chocolate cake and other kinds of cakes and pastries.

Operating the Appliance

Zojirushi Breadmaker will bake a spectacular rectangular-shaped two-pound loaf from a basic bread recipe. The measured ingredients should be simply added in, the lid closed, a selection chosen from the easy-to-understand and operate LCD control panel and your perfect loaf will be ready in about 2 hours. There are three types of crusts to choose from: dark, medium or light. There are also 10 settings that have been pre-programmed for most bread recipes: Quick, Quick Dough, Quick Wheat, Basic, Basic Dough, Basic Wheat, Cake, Sour Dough Starter, Jam and Home Made. The user manual that comes with the machine has a section containing a variety of recipes for cooking with the Breadmaker.


2One of the most wonderful features of the Home Bakery Supreme is its machine timer that can be set for 13 hours, so that the end of the baking cycle can be delayed until you are ready to wake up and smell the wonderful aroma of homemade, freshly baked bread. Those who go to the office or on errands can set the timer in time to come home to enjoy a home baked warm loaf.

Added Features

Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme® Breadmaker BB-CEC20 features a home made menu function exclusive with Zojirushi Breadmakers with three memory settings and a large window for viewing the cooking bread inside. Its LCD control panel is user friendly and easy to understand and operate with a start/reset button. The “on” indicator light alerts you to check on your cooking progress. The appliance comes with a 2 pound loaf pan for traditional breads, dual kneading blades and an eight ounce measuring cup and measuring tablespoons and teaspoons. The removable bread pan has a non-stick surface for easy cleaning. The dual kneading blades make kneading easy and thorough resulting in a higher rise.

Dimensions, Specifications and Ordering

Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker is a durably built small appliance measuring 9-5/8 inches by 17 by 12-1/5 inches weighing a total of 9 pounds. Its electrical rating is 700-watts / 120 volts and sold in White or Black. It can be ordered from boxed or gift-wrapped. Shipping Weight is 20 pounds.


Customer Reviews 3

There were 355customer reviews for the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme® Breadmaker BB-CEC20 in Amazon. This small appliance garnered 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars. Those reviews stress the machine’s quietness, ease of cleaning up, great loaf (if follows the directions and the recipe), being verstile to make different types of bread.


Here are some comments to date.

  • Always baked perfect. Love the machine.
  • I am an avid bread maker. this is my third machine. I hated to spend the money — seems absurd to pay that much — but it is amazing! No comparison with typical machines.
  • The Zo makes a horizontal, 2 lb loaf and has two mixers. It makes an outstanding loaf of bread, better than we’ve ever had before.
  • The Zojirushi is much, much quieter in operation. Very quiet, in fact, which is much appreciated.
  • We no longer buy hamburger and hotdog buns either. This MAKES a burger as the taste of homemade buns has no equal, even if it’s a portobello burger it takes good!
  • First, read and follow the directions. Anyone reading a bad review of this product should question whether the reviewer read the manual and followed all directions on the use of the machine. Then, whether he/she properly (read more)


Some reviews said that the bread quality is not great. However, I do not think you should hesitate and change your mind. First, like other positive reviews highlighted: if you follow the direction and the recipe and measure the ingredients properly. Second, if you want a good recipe book with this machine, you can try The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Book by Beth Henperger. It costs you about 13 bucks for Kindle version, and you will never fail to bake a high quality bread!

I highly recommend Zojirushi Breadmaker BB-CEC20 and do not think you should change your mind because of very few negative reviews.



The positive reviews still outnumber the negative reviews. The loaves with low fat margarine I have made with the Zojirushi Breadmaker turned out great. It is a joy to smell that yeasty aroma of cooking bread every time.

Haan Slim & Light Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer, Model SI-35 Review


House Cleaning is never a happy task. Well, maybe it is for a few who like scrubbing and punish themselves finding specks and tarnishes so that they can go on fighting, and apparently, my wife and I are not this type of person.

Two home appliances we have purchased, Miele S4212 Vacuum cleaner and The Haan Slim & Light Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer, Model SI-35 make our life easier. I have reviewed Miele S4212 Vacuum cleaner here (2011 Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner: Miele S4212) and we are extremely satisfied with this purchase. After vacumming, we still needed to mop our tile flooring, which is a real pain (and may cause my back pain). Everything has changed after we purchased The Haan Slim & Light Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer, Model SI-35. We don’t have to mop your hard floor or scrub your bathroom tiles anymore. Carrying a heavy water bucket and changing the water become an old history. From my personal experience and reading tons of reviews on similar products, Haan Slim & Light Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer, Model SI-35 is the best product in 2011.

The Haan Floor Steamer SI model is sleek and stylish and have the ability reach into nooks and crannies where other steam cleaners cannot access. The handle is made of heavy-gauge aluminum and the steam head is low-profile that can easily reach spaces under appliances and furniture or move about cabinets and other fixtures, ensuring that all corners and crevices of the room are thoroughly cleaned by its fifteen perfectly spaced jets.

Cleaning power and Germ-killing action

si35_mainimg_4_300x400This Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer have a 13.5 ounce removable tank which can be filled with plain tap water. Personally, I would fill distilled water instead because minerals in tap water may shorten the product life.

Each 13.5 ounce tank can steam-clean for up to 20 minutes killing 99.9 percent of the bacteria and germs on the floor. The Vapor Steamer do not need added chemicals to do its job efficiently, leaving floors clean and dry every time; but does not leave the residue and fumes associated with harsh chemical cleaners.

Unit features

The Haan Slim & Light Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamers are ready to use in just 30 seconds to a few minutes after a quick start up. In excess of 212 degrees F, it uses a steam-cleaning action. Storage is easy with its convenient hook and pivoting power-cord holder. This 120 volts; 1200 watts cleaning machine comes is sold in white color with black trim.



When you purchase of the unit the Haan Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer, you will be given 2 machine-washable cleaning pads made of microfiber, a floor-protector pad, a user’s manual and a gliding tray. The unit comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


The ultra-sleek steam cleaner has a 19.5-foot power cord and measures 46.5 x 6.9 x 11.75 inches and it is super lightweight weighing just about 5.1 lbs filled with water. It is very durable and consumers are assured that they will get many years of use out of their equipment. I really like its small size as it can fit at the corner and does not take a lot of space.



The Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer, Model SI-35 by Haan is slim and light and can be purchased from Amazon, although because of its long shape it is only shipped in its own packaging and cannot be concealed or gift wrapped. Amazon even offers free shipping within the US with Super Saver Shipping.


Customer Reviews


There are 179 customer reviews currently posted on Amazon with an average 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. Of the 178 reviews, 126 customer reviews gave the product 5 stars and 34 gave it 4 stars. Only a total of 18 reviews gave it 3 stars and below. Those reviews stress the appliance’s lightweight, cute appearence, ease of use, inclusion of two re-washable pads, and cleaning ability.

In addition, the Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer by Haan is ranked number 83 in Home & Garden and ranked number 2 in Cleaning Tools under Health & Personal Care – House Supplies in the Amazon selling site.

Here are some comments to date.

  • I have porcelain tile and laminated wood flooring and both were cleaned thoroughly and quickly. The steaming sounds were so quiet it didn’t even disturb the cat!
  • This floor steamer is great for easily removing the dried spits and ensuring the floor is safe for my three year old granddaughter to play on.
  • I had a Eureka steam cleaner a while back and thought that was pretty neat, but this Haan Slim & Light blows that one away.
  • It is such a pleasure to mop (if i can even call it mopping) the floors now. My tile floors are clean, and I mean, residue-free clean. I know it’s (read more)

Positive Customer Reviews

One reviewer from Florida for the Haan Slim & Light Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer, Model SI-35 (Kitchen) who does all the house cleaning herself and very picky about cleaning and disinfecting loved the Haan because it is easy to use and it cleans spectacularly well, leaving no residue on the floor.

Another reviewer says the machine is cute, very light and its long handle makes it easy to use because she didn’t have to bend a lot and the shape of the handle is just right. She also likes the tank because it is easy to refill and get on with the job. The low profile design of the head makes it easy to clean under cabinets, stove, even the refrigerator. She likes the fact that the attached pads are re-washable; she can take them off when she wish and throw them in the wash and dryer. The appliance need no pumping, so the cleaner will not sweat all that much while accomplishing a thorough cleaning job, without those chemical fumes and residue. Stains and stuff stuck on the floor are loosened and removed if the steam-cleaner is held over the stained spot for 10 seconds. The best thing she likes about the steam cleaner is the carpet tray attachment for use on her carpet, bedding, couch, mattresses.


A male reviewer from Texas said he likes Model SI-35 Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer because it is easy to assemble just by snapping the handle on and sticking on the cleaning pads. He also recommends using distilled water to avoid mineral build up on the boiler, to prolong its life. His laminated wood flooring and porcelain tile have been cleaned quickly and thoroughly using the cleaner. He also recommends vacuuming the surface first, so that loose debris will not stick to the cleaning pad. After cleaning, he used his white sock test and the cleaner passed with flying colors.

Another review from someone living in New York City said she loves the product and she feels the floor is really clean under her bare feet. She hates to mop because of back pains and other aches but she highly recommends the Haan Steam-cleaner for its efficiency and super-clean results.


  • lightweight
  • small size that can fit in the corner
  • cute appearence
  • ease of use
  • inclusion of two re-washable pads
  • cleaning ability
  • ease of attaching, dettaching, and cleaning pads


  • short power cord
  • may need to change or replace pads


All the other reviews are positive, glowing reviews except for a few who received factory-reconditioned items and were complaining that they expected a new product for the prize they paid Amazon. My purchase is not recent, but if you are concerned about this buyer, you can try Haan SI-35R from another Amazon seller. I have never used this model SI-35R, but I expect it is similar to my SI-35.



All in all, The Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer, Model SI-35 by Haan is a highly recommended product and we say goodbye to the mop and bucket, with all those smelly disinfectants. We go green, we go steam clean!

What to look for when buying a soymilk machine?

Infant and toddler formulas are usually made from cow’s milk, but many children have lactose intolerance or allergic to cow’s milk. Signs and symptoms that a child’s digestive system in unable to digest milk fat can include abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and other symptoms.


Because protein is needed by the body for growth, cow’s milk has to be replaced with a beverage that has similar nutritional values like soy milk. Soy milk will provide the nutritional needs of the human body without the difficulties encountered due to lactose intolerance or allergies. Soy milk is also the preferred beverage of vegetarians who do not consume meat and animal products.

There are many health benefits and outstanding nutrition that come from soy milk and other soy products. They are low in fat, they have no cholesterol and they are very low in saturated fat, in addition to the protein and a greater variety of carbohydrates they provide. People use modern appliance and devices like soy milk makers to make their daily beverage.

There are many soy milk makers to choose from and they have different features and characteristics. The modern devices have integrated technological advances to make their operation easy, convenient and user friendly. The new models are not just soymilk makers; they are almond milk makers, rice milk makers and can make porridges and soups from combinations of ingredients.

When looking for a soy milk maker, consumers should look at its grinding technology and its filter. The new filter-less design makes the machine easy to clean and easy to use, without the hassle of cleaning up every time that makes soy milk making time consuming. That is why I highly recommend Soyapower Plus soy milk maker. Please see my detailed review here. Consumers should also compare features and power against the price. Some machines have integrated new advanced features but have made the unit much more expensive.

A soy milk maker should be fully automatic and should start with one touch of the start button to make the user purr, very much like a driver does when his vehicle starts in one click. The machine should of course be versatile and durable with a long-time warranty, preferably for more than 5 years. Buyers also look at the size and relative capacity of the appliance they buy.

There are soy milk makers with pre-programmed operations that can make milk from soybeans, seeds and grains or make soups and porridges combining various ingredients like beans, grains and seeds. Another manufacturer bonus that a buyer will look for in a soy milk maker is an easy to read user’s manual. A recipe book featuring soy milk as an ingredient is also a useful and consumer friendly bonus.

A machine that is very useful and versatile is priceless for a busy homemaker. Again, that is why I think Soyapower Plus soy milk maker is the best on the market now. Other things a homeowner will look for in an ideal kitchen equipment is its quiet operation and energy consumption to save on electricity costs. It should not also emit too much heat, so the kitchen stays cool and not heated unnecessarily.

One of the most important things to be considered when buying a soymilk machine is safety. There should be no risk of fire from overheating or from burning elements, the undersurface should not be slippery, so it will not slide from the countertop, the pitcher and its small elements should be properly in place when the machine is working with no danger of slipping or flying about the kitchen.

If you are interested, please check my previous article: Soyapower Plus soy milk maker review.

Why you should buy a soymilk maker?

Vegetarianism and veganism has grown popular in recent years, mainly because of the high incidence of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and other so-called “lifestyle” diseases worldwide. Veganism is the rejection of the use of animal products for any purpose, and from the diet. It means “non-dairy vegetarian” and lives with the doctrine of non-exploitation of animals.



This shift of a growing number of people to vegetable products resulted in the popularity of soy and grain based food products. Soy milk is now the most popular substitute for milk as it provides almost the same nutritional value as cow’s milk that a human body requires in terms of protein and carbohydrates, and other vitamins and minerals.

Before soy milk makers became widely available in the market, some people were already making soy milk at home using laborious methods: soaking beans for hours, grinding the soy beans, straining the ground beans, and cooking it. The soy milk maker makes the task automatic and fast, saving users money and time. Those who are very particular about their food and want to make sure they are only consuming vegetable-based food uncontaminated with any animal-based ingredients are assured if they make the soy milk themselves. Soy milk made at home can be flavored with a choice of flavorings, sweetened with sugar, other sweeteners or salt may be added. It can also be thickened according to the consumer’s preference.

A soy milk maker will be a great addition to any kitchen especially for people who are allergic to cow’s milk or who suffer from lactose intolerance. The presence of a soy milk maker in the counter will cause people in the home to make soy milk regularly and get the various health benefits from this beverage. Besides the fiber in soymilk, they contain isoflavones which are credited with the prevention of heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer. The powerful anti oxidants in soy milk help in fighting diseases and aging.

Getting a daily dose of soy milk is an easy way to the enjoyment of good health. It is rich and creamy with a nutty sweet flavor. Soy milk can be incorporated into dishes and used in several ways, making people enjoy the benefits and feel of a dairy-like beverage without the cholesterol, fat and sodium of cow’s milk.

A good soy milk maker will also be able to make healthy rice milk, oat milk, almond milk and bean milk, and will make the homeowner save a lot of money from his grocery bill. As the new machines are fully automatic, it will not be difficult to operate it even for people unfamiliar with machines and gadgets. The soy milk maker will enable the owner to make organic, delicious soymilk in a few minutes and the beverage will always be freshly made.

Buying a good soy milk maker will enable consumers to reduce expenses while improving the nutritional composition of their daily food consumption. It becomes so easy to incorporate good nutrition from organic milks into the household diet for a very low cost with a soy milk maker in the home as soybeans and water is much cheaper than commercial soy milk or dairy. The benefits are three-fold: savings on grocery bill, good nutrition and disease prevention.

7 Tips for buying a soymilk maker

1399500122Due to the growing concern about cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, there is a growing trend towards vegetarianism. The fat content of most meat products and dairy products which include ice cream, butter, cheese, milk and yogurt has been found to be the source of cholesterol and saturated fat in the human body. These increase the risk of heart diseases and other health problems.

All these findings and publications in health journals have made people wary about animal fats and dairy products. This is one of the reasons why soya milk has now become so popular and is the accepted alternative beverage to dairy milk. But to be able to make soya milk effortlessly, a homeowner has to buy his own soy milk maker.

There are several tips an individual should consider when buying a soy milk maker:


Soybean and water is much cheaper to buy than soybean milk or dairy milk. The use of fresh and cheap raw materials is possible with personally made soy milk. Commercial soymilk may contain additives, hormones and sweeteners making it expensive. The homemade soymilk can be made to match family needs and tastes and the homeowner can control what goes into the soy milk maker, adjusting the taste and flavor accordingly.


Te soy milk maker should be large enough to be able to make a good-sized batch for family members. It should also be flexible so that milk consistencies can be varied according to taste.


Te reviews for the machine should be positive. Find 1 or 2 negative reviews from among all the glowing reviews as they might tell something else. If the product has received a credible award, then that should be another deciding factor.

Ease of Use

I should be easy to use. If it won’t start, you can’t push it like a car to make it work so you will not have the soy milk that you want. It should be completely automatic, so that the user can get on with other tasks without sitting by the machine and waiting for it to finish.


The soy milk maker should be versatile and should be able to make soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and should have a grind only setting for seeds, nuts and grains. The blade should be sturdy enough and do its job efficiently. There are also some machines with extra accessories, so that the homeowner has the option of making other products like tofu.


The machine should be covered by a long warranty, ensuring that it has been constructed of quality materials and that the manufacturers are confident it will last longer than the average time of common wear and tear.

Easy to Clean

Its purpose is to make it easy for the homeowner to make soy milk. It should not be any harder to clean it and store it. There should not be any holes, protruding screws or hard to reach areas where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.


Consumers must always be aware of safety. Any machine brought into the home should meet electrical and safety requirements according to laws and regulations. Your life and the life of your entire family may depend on this safety precaution.